Valarie Anderson is widely recognized for her expertise in reed making equipment for the oboe. She is the owner of Jeanne, Inc., and divides her time between performance and research into new products for double reed performers. Ms. Anderson began developing shaper tips during 1989 and by the spring of 1991, when they first were introduced to the marketplace, her oboe and English horn shaper tips were being widely used by oboists in many of the top orchestras in the United States. Today her shaper tips and gouging machines are used by prominent oboists worldwide. She is also the author of the acclaimed book on oboe reed making, Gouge, Shape and Scrape: A Comprehensive Guide to the Oboe Reed. ... more

Code Name Price
TBO-011 Anderson: Gouge, Shape and Scrape: A Complete Guide to the Oboe Reed $38.95
JP7041 Anderson: Oboe Essentials $17.95
TBO-012 Anderson: OboeCare $16.95
JP7048 Anderson: The Beginning Oboist $16.95
JP7024 Barret (Anderson): Complete Method for Oboe $28.95
JP7052 Barret (Anderson): Oboe Method, Part 1 (bass clef harmonization) $18.95
JP7060 Barret (Anderson): Oboe Method, Part 1 (treble clef harmonization) $18.95
JP7061 Barret (Anderson): Oboe Method, Part 2 (Four Sonatas) $9.95
JP7026 Barret (Anderson): Oboe Method, Part 3 (Grand Studies) $9.95
JP7025 Barret: (Anderson): 40 Progressive Melodies for Oboe $13.25
JP1094 Bartok: Three Folksongs from the County of Csik (adapted for oboe and piano) $4.95
JP1065 Bas (Anderson): Petite Duos for Oboe and English Horn $14.75
JP1072 Beethoven (Anderson): Trio in C Major, op. 87 (2 ob, EH) Score $10.00
JP1041 Beethoven (Anderson): Trio in C Major, op. 87 (2 ob, EH) Parts $12.50
JP1090 Bliss: Oboe Quintet (parts) $15.00
JP1091 Bliss: Oboe Quintet (score) $15.00
JP1064 Boismortier (Anderson): Six Little Suites from opus 27 for Two Oboes $11.75
JP7017 Brod (Anderson): Complete Method for Oboe, vol. 1 $29.50
JP1089 Dukas (Anderson): Alla Gitana for oboe and piano $5.75
JP7014 Ferling (Anderson): 48 Studies, op. 31 $10.25
JP7008 Gillet (Anderson): Studies for the advanced teaching of the oboe $39.75
JP1096 Gliere (Anderson): Deux Morceaux, op. 35 for Oboe and Piano $7.25
JP7009 Jancourt: Trois Petites Sonates $11.75
JP1084 Lefebvre (Anderson): Two Pieces for Oboe and Piano $7.25
JP1088 Loeillet (Beon/Anderson): Sonate in G for oboe and piano $10.25