Sebastian Huydts (b.1966) studied piano in Amsterdam with Edith Lateiner Grosz at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In addition, he took post-graduate classes with Rian de Waal. He participated in piano master classes with Gyorgy Sebok, Stephen Bishop, and Earl Wild, and took Chamber Music lessons with Tan Crone. He has performed solo with orchestra and in chamber music throughout Northern Europe and the Midwestern USA and has appeared on Dutch, Spanish and Chicagoland radio. As a composer he has written repertoire for solo instruments as well as various ensembles ranging from duo to orchestra. His style seeks to combine 20th century innovations with more traditional elements of Western music. ... more

Code Name Price
JP8019 Huydts: Lamb Chase for Two Flutes $14.95
JP3023 Huydts: Memento Amare for Bassoon, Viola and Piano $28.95
JP8022 Huydts: Music for Flute and Piano, op. 22 $29.25
JP1105 Huydts: Northern Light for oboe, english horn & piano $19.25
JP4007 Huydts: Quintet for Saxophone Quartet and Piano $45.00
JP2042 Huydts: Sonata Breve for Bass Clarinet & Piano $17.75
JP3017 Huydts: Sonata Breve for Bassoon and Piano $17.75
JP4006 Huydts: Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano $19.25
JP9011 Huydts: Sonata No. 1 for Viola and Piano $21.25
JP9012 Huydts: Sonata No. 2 for Viola and Piano $17.25
JP9013 Huydts: Sonata No. 3 for Viola and Piano $25.25
JP5090 Liszt (Huydts): 5 Late Works, arr. for woodwind quintet $29.75
JP4108 Huydts: Northern Light for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone & piano $19.25