Margaret Griebling-Haigh (b. 1960) began her musical training at an early age with her parents, who are also composers, so that from the very beginning, composing music seemed to be a natural and normal thing to do. Before graduating from high school, Ms. Griebling-Haigh had already won many awards in composition on the local, state, and national levels, including a grant from BMI and First Prize in the National Federation of Music Clubs’ Competition for New Orchestral Works. She earned a Bachelor of Music degree in oboe from the Eastman School of Music and a Masters degree in oboe from the San Francisco Conservatory. ... more

Code Name Price
JP1034 Griebling-Haigh: Askelad and the Seven Silver Ducks [Oboe/English Horn and Double Bass] $25.00
JP1013 Griebling-Haigh: Bocadilos Floridianos [Oboe and Piano] $22.50
JP5050 Griebling-Haigh: Casse-tete [woodwind quintet] $26.50
JP5018 Griebling-Haigh: Collioure [English Horn, Cello, Piano] $25.00
JP8011 Griebling-Haigh: Coquin'arena for Six Part Flute Choir $17.75
JP1028 Griebling-Haigh: Cortege d'antan [Oboe, English Horn, Organ] $17.50
JP5051 Griebling-Haigh: Danses Ravissants for flute, oboe, cello, and harp $28.00
JP5110 Griebling-Haigh: Danses Ravissants for flute, oboe, viola and harp $28.00
JP8005 Griebling-Haigh: Hebert Variations for piccolo & piano $14.50
JP4046 Griebling-Haigh: Kajalamagee for Alto Saxophone, Viola & Piano $15.00
JP4047 Griebling-Haigh: Kajalamagee for Alto Saxophone, Violin & Piano $15.00
JP5036 Griebling-Haigh: La Bergere des Brises de Vallee [Flute, Oboe, Piano] $17.50
JP5022 Griebling-Haigh: Night Swimming for Soprano, English Horn and Piano $17.75
JP5068 Griebling-Haigh: Romans des Rois [oboe, horn, piano] $32.75
JP1024 Griebling-Haigh: Sinfonia for Oboe Choir (parts/score) $32.50
JP1030 Griebling-Haigh: Songs for Young Lovers [Soprano, Oboe, Piano] $32.75
JP5035 Griebling-Haigh: The Windrush Madrigals [Oboe, Clarinet, Piano] $35.00
JP5047 Griebling-Haigh: Trocadillos [oboe, bassoon, piano] $29.50
JP2048 Griebling-Haigh: Valses Fantasques for Clarinet Choir $44.75
JP1071 Debussy/Griebling-Haigh: Two Arabesques, arr. for oboe and piano $11.95
JP5060 Grieg (Griebling-Haigh): Holberg Suite [oboe, clarinet, piano] $26.75
JP1015 Liszt/Griebling-Haigh: Liebestraum, arr. for oboe/piano $8.25