Leonello Capodaglio was born in 1945 and currently resides in Lendinara, in the Venetian region of Italy. He studied in Venice with Gian Francesco Malipiero and Ugo Amendola (Composition), Gino Gorini (Piano), Egida Giordani Sartori (Harpsichord), and Franco Ferrara (Conducting).

He has won several international awards in musical composition and is currently president or commissioner for many contests, including the prestigious “V. Bucchi” in Rome. He has composed over 300 works including three oratorios and three operas and has had performances in France, Germany, England, Belgium, Croatia, Russia, Japan, Canada, Bulgaria, Moldova, and the United States. He has won ten national and international prizes for composition, including the “Atoll” prize for choral composition from the Haute Acadédemie Internationale de Lutèce (Paris), the “Valentino Bucchi” prize for piano composition (Roma) and the international competition “7ème Centenaire de la translation de la Sainte Maison” for masses for a capella choir (Loreto).

Leonello Capodaglio has taught piano, composition and theory, was the director of the state conservatory of Adria and has been principal conductor of several Italian chamber and symphony orchestras. He has also written works of prose and poetry and received the “G. Spagnol national prize” for a historical novel.

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