Judith Lang Zaimont is internationally recognized for her dramatic, emotional and vibrant works. She has been described as “a serious artist, formidably endowed, and capable of a broad audience appeal” [FANFARE] and “one of the foremost composers active on the American scene .” [CHORAL JOURNAL] Many of Zaimont’s over 100 musical compositions have been recorded and have won prizes in national and international competitions. Critics consistently praise her music, terming it “Expressive and idiomatic” [CLAVIER], “Colorful and commanding” [THE NEW RECORDS], and “Exquisitely crafted, vividly characterized and wholly appealing” [NEW YORK TIMES]. Her works have been programmed by such groups as Connecticut Opera, Philadelphia Orchestra, Czech Radio Orchestra (Prague), Baltimore Symphony, Kremlin Chamber Symphony (Russia), Pro Arte Chamber Orchestras of Boston and New York, Florilegium Chamber Choir, and Dale Warland Singers. In 1995 she won first prize in the McCollin International Composers Competition for her Symphony No.1, which was performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra during the 1995-96 season). Formerly a member of the faculties of Queens College and Baltimore’s Peabody Conservatory, Zaimont retired as Professor of Composition at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in 2005. ... more

Code Name Price
JP5114 Zaimont: 3: 4, 5 (full-size score) $20.50
JP5001 Zaimont: 3: 4, 5 (parts/study score) $44.00
JP5113 Zaimont: 3: 4, 5 (study score) $10.00
JP4045 Zaimont: Astral for solo alto saxophone $12.25
JP2017 Zaimont: Astral for Solo Clarinet $11.75
JP9003 Zaimont: Astral for Viola Solo $11.75
JP9004 Zaimont: Astral for Violin Solo $11.75
JP8001 Zaimont: Bubble-Up Rag for Flute and Piano $17.00
JP8002 Zaimont: Capriccio for Solo Flute $5.00
JP5074 Zaimont: Dance/InnerDance for Flute, Oboe and Cello $23.75
JP1001 Zaimont: Doubles for Oboe and Piano $19.95
JP4004 Zaimont: Doubles for Soprano Saxophone and Piano $19.95
JP2038 Zaimont: From the Folk for clarinet quartet [E-flat, 2 B-flat, BC] $25.00
JP5046 Zaimont: From the Folk [Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon] $25.00
JP5017 Zaimont: From the Greatland [Cl,Mezzo,Pa] $68.00
JP5103 Zaimont: Music for Two (2 bassoons or bassoon-cello) $7.00
JP5096 Zaimont: Music for Two (2 flutes or flute-violin) $7.00
JP5095 Zaimont: Music for Two (2 like treble instruments) $7.00
JP5100 Zaimont: Music for Two (clarinet and alto saxophone) $7.00
JP5098 Zaimont: Music for Two (flute or violin and clarinet) $7.00
JP5097 Zaimont: Music for Two (flute-oboe) $7.00
JP5099 Zaimont: Music for Two (oboe-clarinet) $7.00
JP5104 Zaimont: Music for Two (violas) $7.00
JP4001 Zaimont: Parallel Play [SATB] $35.50
JP2039 Zaimont: Reflective Rag (clarinet/piano) $7.00