Welcome to the JEANNE OBOE-ENGLISH HORN BARGAIN BIN. Take advantage of the great discounts offered here. Prices are good only as long as supplies last. All sales are final! Check back often because the items in the Bargain Bin will frequently change.
Code Name Price
AC120 English horn support peg (used) $50.00
JT-U150 Jeanne Oboe Gouging Machine (refurbished) $925.00
JT-U250 Jeanne EH gouging machine (refurbished) $925.00
RT66F Eze-Lap Diamond Stone, fine (6'x2') $20.45
RT62 Norton Oil - 4.5 Ounce $3.25
AC71A Brass Vernier Caliper $6.50
RC30A Glotin Oboe Cane (gouged/shaped) - narrow shape $15.00
RC32 Glotin English Horn Cane (gouged/shaped) $16.00
AC104 Loree, German silver oboe d'amore staples $3.80
AC105 Loree, brass oboe d'amore staples $2.90
AC107A Glotin, German silver oboe d'amour staples $2.75
AC108A Glotin, brass oboe d'amore staples $2.35
RT81 Plastic tubing $1.00
RT83 Brass Wire 28 gauge $2.50
MR12 Loree Polishing Cloth $4.00
AC96 Nylon tool case $10.95
AC24A Oboe 6-reed case $26.45
AC21 Jeanne 10-reed case: Oboe $45.00