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   Oboe Etudes/Methods
   Oboe/EH Orchestral Studies
   Oboe Unaccompanied
   Oboe Solos w/piano
   Oboe Solos w/organ
   Oboe solo w/orchestra
   Oboe d'Amore Unaccompanied
   Oboe d'Amore Solos w/piano
   Oboe d'Amore Solos w/organ
   English Horn Unaccompanied
   English Horn Solos w/piano
   English Horn Solos w/organ
   Oboe Duets & Trios
   Two Oboes accompanied
   Oboe/English Horn/Piano
   Oboe/English Horn/Organ
   Two Oboes, EH Trios
   Oboe Choir
   Oboe or EH w/harp
   Oboe w/guitar
   Oboe w/percussion
   Oboe or EH w/Voice

   2014 IDRS Oboe Competition

   Closeout Specials

Code Name Price
SOXP-2150 Albinoni: Concerto a 5 in C, op. 9/9 $19.70
SOXP-2140 Albinoni: Concerto a 5 in D, op. 9/12 $14.40
SOXP-2120 Albinoni: Concerto a 5 in F, op. 9/3 $21.80
SOXP-2130 Albinoni: Concerto a 5 in G, op. 9/6 $17.25
SX3P-F1040 Fiorillo: Sinfonia Concertant in F Major $22.50
SOXP-2080 Handel/Lanning: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba $9.85
SOXP-2010 Handel: Sechs Sonaten, Vol 1 $23.70
SOXP-2020 Handel: Sechs Sonaten, Vol 2 $23.70
SOXP-2030 Handel: Sechs Sonaten, Vol 3 $22.95
SOXP-2050 Handel: Sonate in F Major, HWV383 $12.35
SOXP-2060 Handel: Sonate in g minor, HWV393 $12.75
SOXP-2070 Previn: A Wedding Waltz $15.75
JP5032 Schwarz: A Modal Mood $10.00
JP5028 Schwarz: Baroque Reflections $10.00
JP5029 Schwarz: Classical Souvenir $10.00
JP5031 Schwarz: Impressions of a Cloud $10.00
JP5030 Schwarz: Romantic Memento $10.00
JP5033 Schwarz: Twelve-Tone Tune $10.00
SOXP-2110 Uccellini: Die Hochzeit der Henne und des Kuckucks $12.00
SOXP-2160 Vivaldi: Concerto in a minor for 2 oboes, PV 53, F. VII No. 8 $20.65