Oboe Etudes/Methods
   Oboe/EH Orchestral Studies
   Oboe Unaccompanied
   Oboe Solos w/piano
   Oboe Solos w/organ
   Oboe solo w/orchestra
   Oboe d'Amore Unaccompanied
   Oboe d'Amore Solos w/piano
   Oboe d'Amore Solos w/organ
   English Horn Unaccompanied
   English Horn Solos w/piano
   English Horn Solos w/organ
   Oboe Duets & Trios
   Two Oboes accompanied
   Oboe/English Horn/Piano
   Oboe/English Horn/Organ
   Two Oboes, EH Trios
   Oboe Choir
   Oboe or EH w/harp
   Oboe w/guitar
   Oboe w/percussion
   Oboe or EH w/Voice

   2014 IDRS Oboe Competition

   Closeout Specials

Code Name Price
SOSP-B1010 Bach, J.S.: Concerto in c minor, BWV 1060 [Ob,Vn,Pa] $23.75
SOSP-B1020 Bach, J.S.: Concerto in d minor, BWV 1060 [Ob,Vn,Pa] $19.90
SOSP-B1030 Bach, J.S.: Trio Sonata in B-flat (based on BWV 1015) [ flute or oboe, violin, continuo] $22.50
SX3P-B1170 Boismortier: Sonata in D Major [Ob or Fl,Bsn or Vc,Cont.] $13.45
SX3P-B1130 Boismortier: Sonata in E Minor, op. 32/2 [Ob,Vc (Bsn),Cont] $15.45
SOSP-F1010 Foote (Kiser/Moore): Sarabande & Rigaudon [Ob(Fl),Va(Vn),Pa] $14.95
JP1043 Holbrooke: Nocturne 'Fairyland' (oboe, viola, piano) $13.25
SOSP-I1010 Ibert: Aria [Fl or Ob,Vn,Pa] $14.15
JP5109 Kahn: Serenade in f minor, op. 73 (oboe or violin or clarinet, viola, piano) $13.25
SOSP-K1020 Kaye: Israeli Folk Songs and Dances [fl or ob, vc, pa $14.95
JP1025 Klughardt: Schilflieder [Ob,Va,Pa] $25.00
JP1061 Loeffler: Two Rhapsodies for Oboe, Viola and Piano $19.25
JP1020 Mahle: Trio (1970) $20.00
SOSP-M1010 Martinu: Quatuor [Ob,Vn,Vc,Pa] $44.95
JP1070 Ripper: From My Window No. 1 for Oboe, Viola & Piano $28.50
JP5026 Ripper: Kinderszenen (Cenas Infantis) for oboe, cello and piano $20.00
SOSP-S1010 Schmidt: Traumschatten [Ob,Vc,Pa] $14.75
SOSP-S1020 Stolzel: Sonate in C Minor [Ob,Vn,cont.] $8.50
SOSP-T1030 Telemann: Sonata in G Major [Ob,Vn,cont.] $22.95
SOSP-T1040 Telemann: Sonatina in E Minor [Ob,Vn,cont.] $16.20