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Code Name Price
SBP-V1010 Vidal: Adagio et Salterelle $3.55
SBP-V1020 Vivaldi: Concerto in B-flat 'La Notte' F. VIII, No. 1 $7.15
SBP-V1031 Vivaldi/Dassonville: Concerto in C Major, F.VIII/13 $12.95
SBP-V1040 Vivaldi: Concerto No. 34 for Bassoon RV 471 F.VIII P. 50 C-Major $6.60
SBP-V1050 Vivaldi: Concerto No. 35RV 503 F.VIII P. 387 B-flat Major $6.60
SBP-V1060 Vivaldi: Concerto No. 36 for Bassoon RV 504 F.VIII P. 386 B-flat Major $6.60
SBP-V1061 Vivaldi/Dassonville: Concerto in B-flat Major, F.VIII, no. 36 $13.45
SBP-V1120 Vivaldi: Concerto in a minor, F VIII, No. 7 $6.55
SBP-V1150 Vivaldi/Sharrow: Concerto in a minor, F. VIII, No. 2 $6.75
SBP-V1160 Vaughan Williams: Six Studies in English Folksong (bassoon) $6.90
SBP-V1170 Verdi/Lethbridge: A Verdi Solo Album $7.75