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Code Name Price
JP5106 Alvira: Cancion callada for oboe, bassoon and piano $13.25
JP4042 Alvira: Cancion callada for soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone and piano $13.25
JP5011 Brod: Duxieme Fantaisie sur un Theme Austrichien, op. 11 [Oboe, Bassoon, Piano] $19.00
JP5010 Brod: Fantaisie en Trio, op. 5 [Oboe, Bassoon, Piano] $19.00
JP4025 Canfield: Paradosis for Soprano & Alto Saxophones and Piano $20.00
JP4052 Canfield: Trio after Brahms for Soprano and Alto Saxophones and Piano $40.00
JP5039 Davidson: The Center of the Known World [Oboe, Clarinet, Piano] $21.00
JP5006 Destenay: Trio in B Minor for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano $25.00
JP5007 Douard: 4th Duo de Concert [Flute, Oboe, Piano] $17.50
JP5049 Gilson: Trio for Oboe, Clarinet, & Piano $20.00
JP5036 Griebling-Haigh: La Bergere des Brises de Vallee [Flute, Oboe, Piano] $17.50
JP5068 Griebling-Haigh: Romans des Rois [oboe, horn, piano] $32.75
JP5035 Griebling-Haigh: The Windrush Madrigals [Oboe, Clarinet, Piano] $35.00
JP5047 Griebling-Haigh: Trocadillos [oboe, bassoon, piano] $29.50
JP5060 Grieg (Griebling-Haigh): Holberg Suite [oboe, clarinet, piano] $26.75
JP1097 Guidobaldi: Concertino for 2 Oboes (or Oboe/Clarinet) and Piano $24.75
JP5058 Kahn: Serenade in f minor, op. 73 (oboe or violin or clarinet, horn, piano) $13.25
JP5065 Kessner: Rhapsody $23.75
JP5075 Lalliet: Terzetto, op. 22 for oboe, bassoon & piano $15.00
JP5120 Marie: Feuilles au vent [oboe, alto saxophone, piano] $20.00