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Jeanne Oboe Publications

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Code Name Price
JP1080 Adam: Le Retour a la Montagne for soprano, oboe and piano $12.75
JP7041 Anderson: Oboe Essentials $17.95
JP7048 Anderson: The Beginning Oboist $16.95
JP8012 Bach, C.P.E.: Sonata in A Minor for flute, Wq 132 (Jeanne) $4.25
JP1058 Bach, J.S.: Partita in g minor (after BWV 1013) for oboe solo (Jeanne) $7.95
JP7024 Barret (Anderson): Complete Method for Oboe $28.95
JP7026 Barret (Anderson): Grand Studies for Oboe $9.95
JP7052 Barret (Anderson): Oboe Method, Part 1 (bass clef harmonization) $18.95
JP7060 Barret (Anderson): Oboe Method, Part 1 (treble clef harmonization) $18.95
JP7025 Barret: (Anderson): 40 Progressive Melodies for Oboe $13.25
JP1003 Barthe: Six Pieces $18.00
JP1094 Bartok: Three Folksongs from the County of Csik (adapted for oboe and piano) $4.95
JP1065 Bas (Anderson): Petite Duos for Oboe and English Horn $14.75
JP1072 Beethoven (Anderson): Trio in C Major, op. 87 (2 ob, EH) Score $10.00
JP1041 Beethoven (Anderson): Trio in C Major, op. 87 (2 ob, EH) Parts $12.50
JP1031 Beethoven (Anderson): Variationen 'La ci darem la mano', WoO 28 (2 oboes, EH) $13.75
JP1004 Berthelemy: L'Africaine for Oboe/Piano $11.50
JP1090 Bliss: Oboe Quintet (parts) $15.00
JP1091 Bliss: Oboe Quintet (score) $15.00
JP1064 Boismortier (Anderson): Six Little Suites from opus 27 for Two Oboes $11.75
JP7049 Bona (Anderson): The Study of Rhythmic Division (Treble Clef) $7.50
JP5025 Brandao: Duo for Oboe & Cello $11.00
JP7017 Brod (Anderson): Complete Method for Oboe, vol. 1 $29.50
JP7022 Brod (Gillet): 20 Etudes for Oboe $9.75
JP1005 Bruyant: Fantaisie Originale for Oboe/Piano $9.00
JP1018 Burle Marx/Ryon: Andante from Sym. No. 4 $11.00
JP1078 Canfield: Sonata for Oboe and Piano $25.00
JP1006 Chretien: Scene Rustique for Oboe/Piano $10.00
JP1022 Clapisson: Chant d'Amour $9.50
JP1085 Colin: 3rd Solo de Concours $8.25