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Jeanne Mixed Winds Publications

All the Jeanne mixed winds publications are displayed, sorted by composer in alphabetical order; click a specific genre from the dropdown list to limit the display to that ensemble only.

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Code Name Price
JP5087 Auric: Trio for Oboe, Clarinet & Bassoon $12.25
JP5066 Beethoven (Anderson): Variationen 'La ci darem la mano', WoO 28 (oboe or flute, clarinet, bassoon) $13.75
JP2100 Beethoven: Three Duos for Clarinet and Bassoon, WoO 27 (bass clarinet part) $6.00
JP5057 Beethoven: Three Duos for Clarinet and Bassoon, WoO 27 (Jeanne, Inc.) $16.25
JP5089 Canfield: Le Petit Duo for Clarinet & Alto Saxophone $15.00
JP5091 Canfield: Opus Pocus for Five Harmonius Woodwinds $40.00
JP5092 Canfield: Woodwind Quintet $40.00
JP5027 Foster (Stevens): Four Stephen Foster Songs $37.00
JP5013 Gennaro: Trio in G Major [Flute, Oboe, Clarinet] $17.50
JP5050 Griebling-Haigh: Casse-tete [woodwind quintet] $26.50
JP5076 Hennessy: Trio, op. 54 for 2 clarinets and bassoon $8.75
JP5056 Ibert: Cinq Pieces en Trio [Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon] $7.25
JP5052 Klughardt: Quintet, op. 79 (parts) $17.95
JP5111 Klughardt: Quintet, op. 79 (score) $13.75
JP5090 Liszt (Huydts): 5 Late Works, arr. for woodwind quintet $29.75
JP5072 Milhaud: Pastorale for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon $6.95
JP5004 Miller, Scott: Time is Vicious for double reed quartet $20.00
JP5077 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 1 [2 clarinets, bassoon] (score/parts) $11.25
JP5082 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 1 [oboe, clarinet, bassoon] (parts/score) $11.25
JP5078 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 2 [2 clarinets, bassoon] (score/parts) $11.25
JP5083 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 2 [oboe, clarinet, bassoon] (parts/score) $11.25
JP5079 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 3 [2 clarinets, bassoon] (score/parts) $12.25
JP5084 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 3 [oboe, clarinet, bassoon] (parts/score) $12.25
JP5080 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 4 [2 clarinets, bassoon] (score/parts) $11.25
JP5085 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 4 [oboe, clarinet, bassoon] (parts/score) $11.25
JP5081 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 5 [2 clarinets, bassoon] (parts/score) $8.75
JP5086 Mozart (Anderson): Divertimento No. 5 [oboe, clarinet, bassoon] (parts/score) $8.75
JP5023 Mozart (Anderson): The Marriage of Figaro (Overture) [Ob, Cl, Bsn] $9.50
JP5129 Poulenc: Sonata for Clarinet and Bassoon (Jeanne Inc.) $10.75
JP5037 Ripper: Wind Trio [Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon] $17.00