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Code Name Price
JP3025 Aragon: Bassoon Sonata $18.75
JP3031 Aragon: Espresso! for Two Contrabassoons $11.75
JP3026 Aragon: Little Suite for Big Bassoon $11.75
JP3018 Boismortier: Six Sonatas for Two Bassoons, op. 14, vol. I $7.25
JP7050 Bona (Anderson): The Study of Rhythmic Division (Bass Clef) $7.50
JP3028 Bourdeau: Premiere Solo for Bassoon and Piano $5.75
JP3021 Canfield: Sonata for Bassoon & Piano $20.00
JP3007 Cummings: Arioso for Contrabassoon and Piano $5.00
JP3004 Doran: Four Movements for Contrabassoon & Piano $13.00
JP3003 Draganski: Heart's Desire for Contrabassoon and Piano $15.00
JP3027 Elgar: Romance for Bassoon and Piano, op. 62 $5.95
JP3011 Fine: Harlequin Sonata $10.25
JP3012 Fine: More Greek Myths $11.75
JP3002 Foin: Under the Lime $20.00
JP3033 Gliere (Anderson): Deux Morceaux, op. 35 (Impromptu and Humoresque) for bassoon and piano $8.75
JP3023 Huydts: Memento Amare for Bassoon, Viola and Piano $28.95
JP3017 Huydts: Sonata Breve for Bassoon and Piano $17.75
JP7043 Jacobi (Ullery): Six Caprices for Bassoon $8.25
JP7005 Jancourt (Ullery): 26 Melodic Studies $16.00
JP7009 Jancourt: Trois Petites Sonates $11.75