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This listing includes specially priced saxophone and piano music.
A complete listing of all saxophone solos with piano is at Saxophone Music

All music listed here has been discounted 40-50%. These titles include overstock and closeout items.
Prices are good only as long as supplies last. All sales are final!

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Code Name Price
SSAP-A1080 Agay: Rhapsody in Waltz Time for Alto Saxophone & Piano $7.15
SSAP-A1060 Aubin: Ainsi racontent les nuages for Alto Saxophone & Piano $8.40
SSAP-A1070 Aubin: Chanson dans la rue for Alto Saxophone & Piano $5.55
SSAP-B1180 Barratt: Bravo! Saxophone $7.00
SSAP-B1270 Beaucamp: Chant elegiaque for Alto Saxophone & Piano $6.85
SSAP-B1400 Beethoven/Dorff: 'Ode to Joy' from Symphony No. 9 (alto sax) $2.95
SSAP-C1390 Collection: Alto Saxophone Contest & Festival Performance Solos $11.95
SCP-C1511 Copland 2000 piano accompaniment $8.95
SSAP-C1150 Copland for Alto Saxophone $5.95
SSAP-C1320 Corelli: Gigue from Sonata, op. 5/5 (alto saxophone) $5.95
SSAP-F1090 Fricker: Aubade for Alto Saxophone & Piano $7.75
SSAP-G1260 Gee: Canto (alto saxophone) $6.00
BB-SSP01 Geiss: Ballade en forme de coeur for soprano saxophone and piano $9.00
BB-SSP03 Geiss: Promenade pour Charlot for alto saxophone and paino $8.50
BB-SSP02 Geiss: Promenade pour Charlot for soprano saxophone and paino $8.50
SSAP-G1020 George: Suite for Alto Saxophone & Piano $6.00
SSAP-G1140 Graves: Petite Suite for Alto Saxophone & Piano $10.00
SSAP-H1220 Handel: The Harmonious Blacksmith (alto saxophone) $5.95
SSAP-K1050 Kuhnl: Morceau '95 (alto saxophone) $9.00
SSAP-L1150 Lepage: Libres Propos for Alto Saxophone & Piano $16.75
SSAP-L1090 Loche: Perruques Blanches et Falbalas for Alto Saxophone & Piano $6.25
SSAP-M1060 Martin, G.: Danse du Sax for Alto Saxophone & Piano $5.95
SSTP-M1030 Martin: Fun Light for Tenor Saxophone & Piano $13.75
SSAP-M1250 Mascagni/Gee: 'Interlude' from Cavalleria Rusticana for Alto Saxophone & Piano $6.00
SSAP-M1211 Morgan: The Boosey Woodwind Method (Saxophone) - Repertoire book A $9.90
SSAP-M1120 Mower: Junior Musical Postcards for Alto Saxophone $10.50
SSAP-N1010 Naulais: Grain de Folie for Alto Saxophone & Piano $9.55
SSAP-N1040 Norton: Big Beats - Techno Treat (Saxophone) $7.50
SSAP-N1021 Norton: Microjazz Alto Saxophone Collection 1 $7.50
SSAP-N1022 Norton: Microjazz Alto Saxophone Collection 2 $6.50
SSTP-O1030 Ostransky: Prelude and Allegro for Tenor Saxophone & Piano $2.35
SSAP-P1070 Paradis: Sicilienne for Alto Saxophone & Piano $8.05
SSAP-P1050 Pascal: Impromptu for Alto Saxophone & Piano $19.20
SSAP-P1060 Peigne: L'Album des souvenirs for Alto Saxophone & Piano $17.95
SSAP-P1080 Proust: Le Cheval de Bronze for Alto Saxophone & Piano $11.95
SSAP-P1030 Proust: Prelude et Larghetto for Alto Saxophone & Piano $5.95
SSAP-S1210 Soule: Serenade for Alto Saxophone $12.00
SSAP-T1040 Taub: Serenade and Capriccio for Alto Saxophone & Piano $9.90
SSAP-T1100 Thomas, David Bennett: Rondo Capriccioso for Alto Saxophone & Piano $9.00
BB-SSP04 Troendle (Geiss): Foot Step Rag for alto saxophone and piano $9.35
SSAP-B1530 van Brink: Sonata for alto saxophone & piano $11.35
BB-SSP05 Troendle (Geiss): Cool Rag for alto saxophone and piano $11.35
BB-SSP06 Troendle (Geiss): Gentle Rag for alto saxophone and piano $11.65