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This listing includes specially priced flute and piano music.
A complete listing of all flute solos with piano is at Flute Music

All music listed here has been discounted 40-50%. These titles include overstock and closeout items.
Prices are good only as long as supplies last. All sales are final!

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Code Name Price
SFP-B1410 Bauer: Prelude and Fugue, op. 43 $13.15
SFP-B1400 Bunch: Velocity for Flute & Piano $8.35
SFP-F1050 Fukushima: Three Pieces From Chu-u (2 playing scores) $8.95
SFP-H1100 Hoffmann: Flute Concerto in D Major $17.00
SFP-M1220 Mozart/Stolba: Flute Quartet in D, K.285 arr. for flute & piano $8.25
SFP-R1060 Romberg: Flute Concerto in B Minor $15.50
SFP-S1260 Schocker: Back to School $6.45
SFP-S1280 Schocker: Birthday Music $7.95
SFP-S1150 Schocker: Conversations for Flute and Piano $9.95
SFP-S1140 Schocker: Dances and Daydreams $4.95
SFP-S1310 Schocker: Dark Star $3.45
SFP-S1160 Schocker: Figments for Flute and Piano $9.45
SFP-S1290 Schocker: For Dad $7.95
SFP-S1320 Schocker: From My Journal $3.45
SFP-S1190 Schocker: Gilded and Bronzed $9.95
SFP-S1250 Schocker: In Memoriam $3.95
SFP-S1180 Schocker: Memory Book for Flute and Piano $7.45
SFP-S1300 Schocker: Rain and Shine $6.45
SFP-S1330 Schocker: Scherzo $4.45
SFP-S1340 Schocker: Sonata No. 1 $9.45