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This listing includes specially priced oboe-EH reed making supplies.
A complete listing of all oboe-EH reed making supplies is at Oboe-EH Accessories

Items listed here include overstock and closeout products.
Prices are good only as long as supplies last. All sales are final!

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Code Name Price
BB-RC31 Glotin Oboe Cane (gouged/shaped) $15.00
BB-RC30A Glotin Oboe Cane (gouged/shaped) - narrow shape $15.00
BB-RC32 Glotin English Horn Cane (gouged/shaped) $16.00
AC110A French pro, 47 mm. brass oboe staples $3.45
AC104 Loree, German silver oboe d'amore staples $3.80
AC105 Loree, brass oboe d'amore staples $2.90
AC107A Glotin, German silver oboe d'amour staples $2.75
AC108A Glotin, brass oboe d'amore staples $2.35
AC107 Glotin, German silver EH staples $2.75
AC114 Rigotti, brass EH staples $2.75
RT81 Plastic tubing $1.00
RT83 Brass Wire 28 gauge $2.50