Code Name Price
SFXP-2060 Daugherty: Crystal $11.95
SFXP-2070 Doppler/Moyse: Duettino, op. 36 $8.95
SFXP-2010 Doppler: Fantasy on Hungarian Motives $4.95
SFXP-2080 Faure/Moyse: Fantasy, op. 79 (two flutes and piano) $9.85
SX3P-G1060 Genin: Grand duo concertant $20.35
SFXP-2020 Kohler/Wye: Concert Duet, Variations of a Melody by Schubert $10.25
SFXP-2030 Kohler/Wye: Second Concert Duet, Variations of a Melody by Chopin $11.55
SFXP-2110 Schocker: 2 Flutes in 3 Scenes $9.45
JP5032 Schwarz: A Modal Mood $10.00
JP5028 Schwarz: Baroque Reflections $10.00
JP5029 Schwarz: Classical Souvenir $10.00
JP5031 Schwarz: Impressions of a Cloud $10.00
JP5030 Schwarz: Romantic Memento $10.00
JP5033 Schwarz: Twelve-Tone Tune $10.00